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Welcome to the CHARISMA terminology wiki!

This is a knowledge base for Raman spectroscopy terminology. It is being created as part of the Horizon 2020-funded CHARISMA project.

The wiki runs on the MediaWiki software with the Wikibase extension—the same ones, which power Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Quick Start for USERS

  • Use the search box in the top right to search for Raman terminology.
Hint: Click the magnifying glass icon in the box to show the advanced search interface.

Quick Start for CONTRIBUTORS

  • Read this first!
  • We have a To Do list. I know, I know: I also hate them.
  • Want to add a new term? Check Help:Quick Start#Adding a new term.
  • Need to discuss a term? Use its discussion page (look for the Discussion tab at the top).
  • Not sure how discussions work here? See Help:Quick Start#Discussing topics.
  • Other important things to remember and helpful hints:
    • You can add alternative definitions to existing terms, but please make sure to indicate their source (for details, see the relevant info in Help:Quick Start#Adding a new term).
    • One of the definitions can be marked as preferred—when (and if) agreed by the community.